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PC400-3 Oil Filter Enhanced Edition 51970XD LF670 P551670

Place of Origin USA
Brand Name WIX
Model Number 51970XD
Minimum Order Quantity 10 PCS
Price Wholesale price,Negotiated
Packaging Details paper box
Delivery Time 1-3 Workdays
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, Cash , PayPal , Alipay, HSBC BANK,CITY BANK.
Supply Ability 100 PCS /Week
Product Details
Part Number 51970XD Style Spin-On Lube Filter
Service Lube Type Full Flow/By-Pass
Media Microglass Height 9.79 (249)*
Outer Diameter Top 4.661 (118)* Thread Size 1 1/2-12
Burst Pressure-PSI 355 Max Flow Rate 28-30 GPM
Nominal Micron Rating 35 Application PC400-3 PC400-5 EX1800
High Light

PC400-3 Oil Filter


51970XD Oil Filter


LF670 Oil Filter

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Product Description

OIL Filter Enhanced Edition 51970XD LF670 P551670 For Komatsu PC400-3

1.Product Specifications:

Part Number: 51970XD
Style: Spin-On Lube Filter
Service: Lube
Type: Full Flow/By-Pass
Media: Micro glass
Height: 9.79 (249mm)*
Outer Diameter Top: 4.66 (118mm)*
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
Thread Size: 1 1/2-12
By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: None
Burst Pressure-PSI: 355
Max Flow Rate: 28-30 GPM
Nominal Micron Rating: 35
Gasket Diameters: 110*97*9mm


2.Principle Application:

HITACHI+Dump Trucks EH1100
HITACHI+Dump Trucks EH1600
HITACHI+Dump Trucks EH1700
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) EX1100
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) EX1200-5D
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) EX1200-6
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) EX1200LC-6
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) EX1800
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) EX1800-2
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) EX2500
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) EX3500
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) EX3500-2
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) EX3500-3
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) EX5500
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) GIANT EX1200 (EX-6)
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) UH50
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) UH80
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) UH801
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) UH81
HITACHI+Excavators (ZX models are Zaxis) WH801
HYUNDAI+Excavators R320LC-3
HYUNDAI+Excavators R360LC-3
HYUNDAI+Excavators R450LC-3
HYUNDAI+Excavators ROBEX 360-3
HYUNDAI+Excavators ROBEX 360LC-3
HYUNDAI+Excavators ROBEX 450-3
HYUNDAI+Excavators ROBEX 450LC-3
KOBELCO+Cranes 5650
KOBELCO+Cranes 7450
KOBELCO+Cranes 7650
KOBELCO+Cranes 7800
KOBELCO+Cranes SL13000
KOBELCO+Excavators K909
KOBELCO+Excavators K914
KOBELCO+Excavators K935
KOBELCO+Miscellaneous Equipment 5650 CRANE
KOBELCO+Wheel Loader LK1150II
KOBELCO+Wheel Loader LK1500
KOBELCO+Wheel Loader LK1500A
KOBELCO+Wheel Loader LK1500A
KOBELCO+Wheel Loader LK600
KOBELCO+Wheel Loader LK600
KOBELCO+Wheel Loader LK700
KOBELCO+Wheel Loader WLK45
KOMATSU+Compressors EC260Z-1
KOMATSU+Cranes CC4000
KOMATSU+Cranes HC500
KOMATSU+Cranes HC500
KOMATSU+Cranes TC4000
KOMATSU+Cranes TC4000
KOMATSU+Crushers BR500JG
KOMATSU+Crushers BR500JG-1A
KOMATSU+Crushers BR550JG-1
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 120C (ELECTRIC)
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 140M
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 210M
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 210M
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 330
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 330M
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 385
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 445E
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 445E
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 510
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 510E
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 510E
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 530E
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 530M
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 630E
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 685E
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 75B
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 780E
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 830
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks 85C
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD1200M
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD1600M-1
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD325-2
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD325-3
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD325-5
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD455-1
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD460-1
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD465-2
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD680-2
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD780-1
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD785
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD785-1
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HD785-1
KOMATSU+Dump, Haul Trucks HF325-2
KOMATSU+Excavators H121
KOMATSU+Excavators H241
KOMATSU+Excavators H285S
KOMATSU+Excavators H51
KOMATSU+Excavators H71
KOMATSU+Excavators H95
KOMATSU+Excavators PC1400
KOMATSU+Excavators PC1500-1
KOMATSU+Excavators PC1500-1A
KOMATSU+Excavators PC300-1
KOMATSU+Excavators PC300-2
KOMATSU+Excavators PC3000-6
KOMATSU+Excavators PC300LC-1
KOMATSU+Excavators PC300LC-2
KOMATSU+Excavators PC300LC-3
KOMATSU+Excavators PC400-6C
KOMATSU+Excavators PC400LC-6Z
KOMATSU+Excavators PC650
KOMATSU+Excavators PC650
KOMATSU+Excavators PC650-1
KOMATSU+Excavators PC650-3
KOMATSU+Excavators PC650-5
KOMATSU+Excavators PC650LC-3
KOMATSU+Excavators PC650LC-5
KOMATSU+Excavators PF545
KOMATSU+Excavators PF555
KOMATSU+Excavators PF560
KOMATSU+Generator Sets EG200
KOMATSU+Generator Sets EG220B
KOMATSU+Generator Sets EG220B-2
KOMATSU+Generator Sets EG275B
KOMATSU+Generator Sets EG300B-3
KOMATSU+Generator Sets EG300B-5
KOMATSU+Generator Sets EG380B-1
KOMATSU+Generator Sets EG400B-1
KOMATSU+Motor Graders 444
KOMATSU+Motor Graders 555
KOMATSU+Motor Graders 555
KOMATSU+Motor Graders 777B
KOMATSU+Motor Graders GD605A-2
KOMATSU+Motor Graders GD705R-3
KOMATSU+Motor Graders GD725A-1 S/N 50001-ON
KOMATSU+Motor Graders GD805A-1
KOMATSU+Motor Graders GD805A-1
KOMATSU+Motor Scrapers WS16S-1
KOMATSU+Motor Scrapers WS16S-2
KOMATSU+Motor Scrapers WS16S-2
KOMATSU+Motor Scrapers WS23S-1
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D155A-3
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D155A-5
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D155A-5
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D155AX-3
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D155AX-3C
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D155C-1
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D275A-2
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D275A-2
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D355-3
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D355C-3
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D375A-2
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D375A-3
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D375A-3A
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D375A-3A-01
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D375A-3D
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D375A-5D
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D475-1
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D475-2
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D575S-2
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D60A-7
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D60E-7
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D60P-7
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D60S-7
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D65
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D65-7
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D65A-7
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D65E-7
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D65P-7
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D65S-7
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D80
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D80-21
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D80A-18
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D80E-18
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D80P-18
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D85A-21
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D85C-21
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D85P-21
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D87E-2
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers D87P-2
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers TD20G
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers TD25G
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers TD40
KOMATSU+Tractors, Dozers TG25G
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders 250E
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders 4000
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders 4000 (ARTICULATED)
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders 444
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders 560
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders 560B
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders 560B
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders 560B
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders 570 (HIGH LIFT)
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders H400C
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders L700
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders W170-2
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders W180-1
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders W260-1
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA450-3
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA500-1
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA500-1
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA500-1LC
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA500-3
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA600-1
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA600-1
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA600-1
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA600-1
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA600-1H
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA600-1L
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA600-1LC
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA800
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA800-3LC
KOMATSU+Wheel Loaders WA900-1LC
LIEBHERR+Dozers & Loader PR751 (TYPE 156)
LIEBHERR+Excavator P972 (TYPE 268)
LIEBHERR+Excavator P974 (TYPE 329)
LIEBHERR+Excavator P982 (TYPE 175)
LIEBHERR+Excavator P984 (TYPE 319)
LIEBHERR+Excavator P984 (TYPE 599)
LIEBHERR+Excavator P992 (TYPE 332)
LIEBHERR+Excavator P994 (TYPE 314)
LIEBHERR+Excavator P994 (TYPE 600)
LIEBHERR+Excavator P996 (TYPE 602)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R952 (TYPE 208)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R952 (TYPE 214)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R952HD (TYPE 264)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R952HDEW (TYPE 384)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R962HD (TYPE 225)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R962HD-EW (TYPE 385)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R962LC (TYPE 133)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R962LC (TYPE 226)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R972HD (TYPE 134)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R972HD (TYPE 219)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R972HDG (TYPE 263)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R974 (TYPE 242)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R974 (TYPE 297)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R974 (TYPE 486)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R982HD (TYPE 158)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R982HD (TYPE 184)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R982LC (TYPE 183)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R984 (TYPE 243)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R984 (TYPE 298)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R984 (TYPE 409)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R984 (TYPE 487)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R984 (TYPE 586)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R984 (TYPE 624)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R991
LIEBHERR+Excavator R992 (TYPE 253)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R994 (TYPE 171)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R996 (TYPE 173)
LIEBHERR+Excavator R996B (TYPE 1281)
EC+Backhoe Loaders, Loaders L140
EC+Backhoe Loaders, Loaders L190
EC+Backhoe Loaders, Loaders L270
EC+Backhoe Loaders, Loaders L270B
EC+Backhoe Loaders, Loaders L280C
EC+Backhoe Loaders, Loaders L320
EC+Backhoe Loaders, Loaders L380B
EC+Backhoe Loaders, Loaders L480
EC+Backhoe Loaders, Loaders L480B
EC+Backhoe Loaders, Loaders L480T
EC+Dump Trucks 435
EC+Dump Trucks 440
EC+Dump Trucks 540


3.Product Note

For reference only. There are no express or implied warranties with respect to products selected by size, feature or invalid cross reference. Warranties only apply to products selected according to vehicle application listing. For non-listed applications, warranty coverage requires a valid OEM cross reference as described in the WIX Limited Warranty. No product has been certified or warrantied for aviation use. No product has been certified or warrantied for filtration of fuel or oil in heating applications.


4.Picture viewing

PC400-3 Oil Filter Enhanced Edition 51970XD LF670 P551670 0
PC400-3 Oil Filter Enhanced Edition 51970XD LF670 P551670 1PC400-3 Oil Filter Enhanced Edition 51970XD LF670 P551670 2

5.Date of Delivery & Payment Term:


Export special wooden box​

Date of Delivery

  • 1-2 days if in stock
  • 7-15 days, if goods out of stock Urgent shipment air freight
  • 15-30 days, if goods out of stock orders on the way
  • 90-120 days if goods out of stock, the new order

Payment Term:


  • 30% T/T in advance and 70% balance paid before shipment.
  • Western Union, Cash, T/T ,Bank, PayPaI
  • others for discussion

PC400-3 Oil Filter Enhanced Edition 51970XD LF670 P551670 3

6.Teach you little tricks

Many seal raw materials will change the appearance of the product during storage, which will accelerate the aging of the seal due to unreasonable storage methods. There will even be damage to the product such as rust, which will affect the life of the seal, we will communicate and see how to save the seal now:

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