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Shaft Lip FKM Rubber Oil Seal , Circular Molded Rubber Seals Long Lifespan

Shaft Lip FKM Rubber Oil Seal , Circular Molded Rubber Seals Long Lifespan

    • Shaft Lip FKM Rubber Oil Seal , Circular Molded Rubber Seals Long Lifespan
    • Shaft Lip FKM Rubber Oil Seal , Circular Molded Rubber Seals Long Lifespan
  • Shaft Lip FKM Rubber Oil Seal , Circular Molded Rubber Seals Long Lifespan

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Japan
    Brand Name: NOK
    Model Number: 6D95 engine

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 10
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: Kraft cartons colour cartons and Exquisite packaging paper box
    Delivery Time: 5 days after payment
    Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
    Supply Ability: 800pcs
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    Detailed Product Description
    Material: Rubber, NBR, ACM, FKM, Action: Rotary Oil Seal
    Using Temperature: 35-95(℃) Mechanical Shaft Model :: 6D95
    Whether Standard:: Standard Model: PC60-5/6 120-3/5-6 PC200/5

    Rubber Oil Seal PC120-5 PC200-5 AE3297A crankshaft front TC Oil seal 62*85*12 for 6D95 engine 

    Original oil seal oil seal is used, also called the axis of rotation type lip seals

    1.  The characteristics :

     The sealing lip short and soft with spring

     With dustproof lip

    2 . Detailed Product Description

    Standard or Nonstandard: Standard                    Style: Oil


    Material: Rubber, NBR, ACM, FKM,                    Place of Origin: Japan

    Brand Name : NOK                                                 PART Number: AE3297A

    Application Range : Main pump of excavator or other construction Machines

    3. The characteristics :

    Oil seal edge, elastomer

    The sealing lip short and soft with spring
    With dustproof lip
    Resistance to pressure oil seal, of a whole in the larger diameter used under high pressure

    Used for sealing pressure situations


    4. product introduction

    NOK, Japan -- pioneers and devotees of the world seal industry. Founded in 1939, NOK corporation is one of the earliest manufacturers of oil seal products in Japan and one of the world's largest manufacturers of sealed products

    NOK oil seal type: SC, SB, TC, TB, VC, VB, TCV, TCN and TC4, TB4, DC, DB, VR, MG, OKC3


    5. Products applicable:

    construction machinery industry, injection molding machine industry, metallurgical industry, the press industry, engineering machinery oil cylinder factory, automobile industry, metallurgy, oil cylinder factory, etc

    Engine Front Sizes   Engine Rear Sizes Application
    6D95 AE3297A 62*85*12   6D95 AW9063E 95*120*17 PC60-5/6 120-3/5-6 PC200/5
    6D105 AE3409E 65*90*13   6D105 AH8279E 105*135*13 PC200-1/2/3
    6D102       6D102      
    6D108 AE3409E 65*90*13   6D108 AW4395E   PC300-5/6
    6D125 AE3963E     6D125 BZ2410G   PC300-3 PC400-5/6
    S6K AE3527G 70*95*13   S6K(N) AZ4291E 115*150*15 E320 E320B E320C
            S6K(O) BH3673E 122*150*14 E200B
    S4K-T AE3055A 55*78*12   S4K-T BH3673E 122*150*14 R110-7
    S4F AE3055A     S4F AH3932 90*115*13  
    4M40 BH5679F 50*75*9   4M40 BH5676F 95*114*10 SH60
    6BD1/6BG1 AE3222R 60*82*12   6BD1(N) AH8279E 105*135*13 EX200-2
    4BD1/4BG1       6BD1(O) AH4079R 100*135/140*15 EX200-1 HU07-7 SH200-1/2 LS2800
    4BA1       6BG1(N) BH3732E 105*135*14.5 EX200-5
            6BG1(O) AZ4079F   R200 DH220 DH200 ZX200 SH200-3
            4BD1/4BA1 BH2195E 100*135*10 SH120A1
            4BG1 BH2153G    
    4JB1 AH2847S 50*68*9   4JB1 AH8846E 95*118*10 SH60
    6SD1 AH7313Q     6SD1 AH4347G 120*150*15 EX300-3/5 EX350-3/5
    3LD1 AH28747S     AH3724F     DH35
    6D31(N) AE3053F     6D31(N) BH3528E 100*120/158*14 HD700-7 HD820
    6D31(O) AE3055A     6D31(O) AH8307P 100*120/158*16 HD700-5
    6D34/(N) BZ5051E     6D34(N) BZ4603E   SK200-6 HD512 SK230-6
    6D14/16(N) BE4018E 76*94*12   6D14/6D15/16(N) BZ2374E 107*180*17.5 HD700SE-II HD800/900SE-II
    6D14/16(O) AE7228P 72*94*12   6D14/6D15(O) AH7472P 100*125*12.5 HD770SE-II HD880SE-II
            6D16(O)   105*125*11.7  
    6D15(N) BZ5412E            
    6D22(N) BZ1335E     6D22(N) AZ8854P 135*155.5*15 HD1250SE-II
    6D22(O) AE3994A 95*120*13          
    6D24 BZ1335E     6D24 BH5946E   HD1430
            6D24(N) BZ5942E    
    3D78       3D78 DH1445E 85*102*13  
    3D84/4D84 AH3040 55*72*9   3D84/4D84/4T84L BH1517F   PC40
    3D84-FA AP2240A 38*58*11   3D84-FA AH3399    
    3D94/4D94 BH5444E 60*77*9   3D94/4D94 AW8289F 89*120*17  
      BH5444E 60*77*9     AH3983E   R60-7
              BH1012E   E70B
        48*68*9       78*96*9 ZAX55
    4D32 AE3053F           E7307
    4TNV94 BH5444E     4TNV94   TC95*115*12  
    4D84E-3   55*72*9   4D84E-3   85*102*13  
    4LE2   50*68*9   ALE2   80*96*9 EX55
    K4N AH2057     AH3519H      
    FD33 AE3298E     FD33   105*135*13 EX60 NISSAN
    ZX330 BZ4425E            


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    Shaft Lip FKM Rubber Oil Seal , Circular Molded Rubber Seals Long Lifespan



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