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SIMRIT A7V055 FKM Hydraulic Pump Seal Rebuild Kit Pump Shaft Gasket Seal Repair Replacement O-Ring Maintenance Kit

Place of Origin Germany,Taiwan
Brand Name NFK (SIMRIT+Pro-one)
Model Number A7V055
Minimum Order Quantity 5 SET
Price Negotiations
Packaging Details Kraft cartons colour cartons and Exquisite packaging paper box
Delivery Time 1-2 workdays
Payment Terms TT, Cash, Bank, PayPal.HSBC,CITY BANK.
Supply Ability 5000set /month

Contact me for free samples and coupons.

Whatsapp:0086 18588475571

Wechat: 0086 18588475571

Skype: sales10@aixton.com

If you have any concern, we provide 24-hour online help.

Product Details
Model A7V055 Properties Future Resistant To Heat, Oil, Fatigue, Aging And Friction
Common Materials Nitrile Rubber, Fluorine Rubber, Silicone Rubber, Acrylic Rubber, Polyurethane, Polytetrafluoroethylene Appliion Range Main Pump Of Excavator Or Other Construction Machines
Machine Model Ship, Excavator, Pump Hydraulic Machine Rotary Shaft, Rotary Drilling Rig, Hydraulic Loader Temperature (°C) NBR -30℃~+110℃; FKM :-10℃~+150℃
Pressure Shipping By Sea,air Express,DHL ,EMS, FADEX,TNT. Color Brown, Green ,Black
Effect Dust, Water And Gas; Oil-proof Fluid Working Medium Hydraulic Oil
Way By Deliv Shipping By Sea,air Express,DHL ,EMS, FADEX,TNT.
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seal rebuild kit


Hydraulic Pump Seal Rebuild Kit

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Product Description

Rexroth SIMRIT A7V055 FKM Hydraulic Pump Seal Rebuild Kit Pump Shaft Gasket Seal Repair Replacement O-Ring Maintenance Kit

1. Detailed Product Description

Part NO : Rexroth  A7V055

Pressure : 300 mpa 


NBR -30℃~+110℃; FKM :-10℃~+150℃

SIMRIT A7V055 FKM Hydraulic Pump Seal Rebuild Kit Pump Shaft Gasket Seal Repair Replacement O-Ring Maintenance Kit 0

Nfluencing factors

SIMRIT A7V055 FKM Hydraulic Pump Seal Rebuild Kit Pump Shaft Gasket Seal Repair Replacement O-Ring Maintenance Kit 1

Dead end hydraulic or pneumatic device pressure for installation, the diameter of the metal tool surface is 5mm-10 mm larger than the outer diameter of the oil seal

SIMRIT A7V055 FKM Hydraulic Pump Seal Rebuild Kit Pump Shaft Gasket Seal Repair Replacement O-Ring Maintenance Kit 2

SIMRIT A7V055 FKM Hydraulic Pump Seal Rebuild Kit Pump Shaft Gasket Seal Repair Replacement O-Ring Maintenance Kit 3

2 ...Please pay attention to the following items when storing the seal

1) Please do not open the package when it is not needed.
Otherwise, the seal may be "dust" or "scratched".
2) Please store in a place with low humidity and avoid direct sunlight.
Ultraviolet rays and moisture accelerate the deterioration of rubber materials and the dimensional change and deterioration of resin materials.
3) When storing the opened product, please be careful not to allow foreign matter to adhere or mix in, and repackage it as it is as possible. Especially nylon will change its dimensions due to moisture absorption, so please keep it sealed.
If you need moisture-proof packaging, please contact NFK.
4) Do not place near high temperature heat sources such as boilers and heaters. Rubber materials will deteriorate faster due to heat. .
 5) Do not place it near objects such as motors that easily produce ozone.
 6) Do not hang with nails, iron wires, ropes, etc., which may cause deformation of the seal or injury to the tip of the lip.
7) Discoloration or white powder on the surface (blooming phenomenon) may occur during storage, but these conditions will not affect the performance.
 8) The PTFE slip ring of the combined seal is easy to be damaged due to drop impact or external hard force. Please pay attention when using it.



3 ....Rexroth Pump Repair Seal Kits:

All these accessories are completely interchangeable with original, high quality and low price.

A10VO107 HYD Rexroth A10VO107 A4VSO45 HYD Rexroth A4VSO45
A10VO200 HYD Rexroth A10VO200 A4VSO56 HYD Rexroth A4VSO56
A10VS071 HYD Rexroth A10VS071 A4VSO71 HYD Rexroth A4VSO71
A10VS100 HYD Rexroth A10VS100 A2F28 HYD Rexroth A2F28
A10VS400 HYD Rexroth A10VS400 A2F55 HYD Rexroth A2F55
A11VO260 HYD Rexroth A11VO260 A2F80 HYD Rexroth A2F80
A4VSO40 HYD Rexroth A4VSO40 A2F107 HYD Rexroth A2F107
A11VLO190L HYD Rexroth A11VLO190L A2F160 HYD Rexroth A2F160
A11VO130 HYD Rexroth A11VO130 A2F180 HYD Rexroth A2F160
A11VO145 HYD Rexroth A11VO145 A2F200 HYD Rexroth A2F200
A11VO190 HYD Rexroth A11VO190 A2F225 HYD Rexroth A2F225
A11VO60 HYD Rexroth A11VO60 A2F250 HYD Rexroth A2F250
A4VG125N HYD Rexroth A4VG125N A2F500 HYD Rexroth A2F500
A4VSO125 HYD Rexroth A4VSO125 A2FO10 HYD Rexroth A2FO10
A4VSO180 HYD Rexroth A4VSO180 A2FO12 HYD Rexroth A2FO12
A4VSO250 HYD Rexroth A4VSO250 A2FO16 HYD Rexroth A2FO16
A6VM107 HYD Rexroth A6VM107 A2FO23 HYD Rexroth A2FO23
A6VM160 HYD Rexroth A6VM160 A2FO28 HYD Rexroth A2FO28
A6VM170 HYD Rexroth A6VM170 A2FO45 HYD Rexroth A2FO45
A6VM200 HYD Rexroth A6VM200 A2FO56 HYD Rexroth A2FO56
A6VM500 HYD Rexroth A6VM500 A2FO63 HYD Rexroth A2FO63
A7V055 HYD Rexroth A7V055 A2FO80 HYD Rexroth A2FO80
A8VO107 HYD Rexroth A8VO107 A2FO107 HYD Rexroth A2FO107
A8VO140 HYD Rexroth A8VO140 A2FO125 HYD Rexroth A2FO125
A10VSO16 HYD Rexroth A10VSO16 A2FO160 HYD Rexroth A2FO160
A10VSO18 HYD Rexroth A10VSO18 A2FO180 HYD Rexroth A2FO180
A10VSO28 HYD Rexroth A10VSO28 A2FO200 HYD Rexroth A2FO200
A10VSO45 HYD Rexroth A10VSO45 A2FO250 HYD Rexroth A2FO250
A10VSO71 HYD Rexroth A10VSO71 A6V28 HYD Rexroth A6V28
A10VSO74 HYD Rexroth A10VSO74 A6V80 HYD Rexroth A6V80
A10VSO100 HYD Rexroth A10VSO100 A6V107 HYD Rexroth A6V107
A10VSO140 HYD Rexroth A10VSO140 A6V160 HYD Rexroth A6V160
A11VO40 HYD Rexroth A11VO40 A6V200 HYD Rexroth A6V200
A11VO75 HYD Rexroth A11VO75 A6V250 HYD Rexroth A6V250
A11VLO95 HYD Rexroth A11VLO95 A6V355 HYD Rexroth A6V355
A11VLO130 HYD Rexroth A11VLO130 A6V500 HYD Rexroth A6V500
A11VLO145 HYD Rexroth A11VLO145 A6VM12 HYD Rexroth A6VM12
A11VO160 HYD Rexroth A11VO160 A6VM28 HYD Rexroth A6VM28
A11VLO260 HYD Rexroth A11VLO260 A6VM55 HYD Rexroth A6VM55
A4VG28 HYD Rexroth A4VG28 A6VM80 HYD Rexroth A6VM80
A4VG40 HYD Rexroth A4VG40 A6VM172 HYD Rexroth A6VM172
A4VG90 HYD Rexroth A4VG90 A6VM250 HYD Rexroth A6VM250
A4VG120 HYD Rexroth A4VG120 A6VM355 HYD Rexroth A6VM355
A4VG140 HYD Rexroth A4VG140 A7V28 HYD Rexroth A7V28
A4VG250 HYD Rexroth A4VG250    



B....N O K oil-seals , DINGZING seal ,Mechanical hydraulic oil cylinder repair kits , Hydraulic Breaker seal kit , Pump repair kits,Diaphragm ,Hydraulic Seal ,Piston seal,Dust wiper,Rod seal ,Buffer seal,Backup ring ,Dust seal,Wear ring, Bushings,Combined sealing, O-ring,X-ring,Backup ring, Coupliing...

If there is any need ,please feel free to write to ask ,We will send our picture book for you if you are interested in our alogues. Thanks!



4...Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details : The original factory packaging

Dellvery Time :

Quantity(Pieces) in stock if goods out of stock Urgent shipment air freight if goods out of stock, the new order
Dellvery Time(days) 1-2 day 7-15 days To be negotiated


Payment Term Way by delivery:
  • Rubber LYO oilseal With lip DKB 85 Oil-resistant,wear-resistant Dust Seal hydraulic cylinder




5. Picture viewing
SIMRIT A7V055 FKM Hydraulic Pump Seal Rebuild Kit Pump Shaft Gasket Seal Repair Replacement O-Ring Maintenance Kit 5SIMRIT A7V055 FKM Hydraulic Pump Seal Rebuild Kit Pump Shaft Gasket Seal Repair Replacement O-Ring Maintenance Kit 6SIMRIT A7V055 FKM Hydraulic Pump Seal Rebuild Kit Pump Shaft Gasket Seal Repair Replacement O-Ring Maintenance Kit 7SIMRIT A7V055 FKM Hydraulic Pump Seal Rebuild Kit Pump Shaft Gasket Seal Repair Replacement O-Ring Maintenance Kit 8

7.....Maintenance of oil seal


For various types of reducer gearboxes, bearing boxes, thread seals, mechanical seals and other equipment sealing parts, due to long-term high-torque mechanical movement, the gearbox meshing gap becomes larger, causing greater noise and equipment vibration. In addition, the sealing part has been operating at high speed and high temperature for a long time, and the oil leakage of the sealing part sometimes occurs. The following reasons can cause leakage at the sealing part:


1. Leakage caused by oil seal quality problems;


2. Improper lubriion management results in excessive oil addition or lack of oil dry grinding;


3. Damage to the seals during the maintenance process causes seal failure;


4. The oil level vent is blocked and the pressure is too high; the above problems not only affect the safe and continuous operation of the company's production equipment, but also cause significant consumption of the company's cost.


8....Customer Service
Q1: match own mechanical model seal kit?

A: You can send us your mechanical model first (sending format:brand + machine + model + use part, such as: TOKO TPV-210 hydraulic pulverizer seal kit, Komatsu bulldozer D475A-5E0 boom oil seal seal kit, etc.). We will Check for you first.
B: You can provide us with complete mechanical drawings and parts manuals. We have a professional technical team, and technicians can inquire about relevant information and provide you with seal kits.
Q2: What ifthere are no drawings and parts manuals?
A: If you have a set of samples in hand, you can use a caliper to measure and record a complete set of seals, put all the measurement data and the corresponding seals together and take photos to us, we will query them for you.
Q3: Could the supplied seal kit dimensions be inaccurate?
A: If the measurements you provide are accurate, there is
nothing wrong with the seal kits we supply. We have a more than 20 years of professional engineering and technical personnel. And has a very precise and professional level in such technical processing.

Q4: What is your delivery time?
A: Have in stock: generally 1-3 days.
Q5: Can you provide samples? Is it free or extra?
A: Yes, we can provide samples, but buyer need to pay the cost and shipping cost.
Q3: How is your factory doing in terms of quality control?
A: Quality comes first. We attach great importance to quality control from start to finish:
B:Skilled workers pay great attention to every detail in the production and packaging process;
Q6: How to guarantee your after-sales service?
A: Re-check the product before shipping to make sure our packaging is intact
B: Track and receive customer feedback
Q7:Do you accept OEM or ODM orders?
A: Yes, we accept OEM and ODM for our customers.
Q8: What are your delivery terms?
A: We can accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the most convenient one.
Q9: Are your product pictures real?
A: The product pictures and videos are the actual products, the color and quality can be viewed from here. If you need more detailed details, please contact us.
Q10: What are your payment methods?
A: TT, Cash, Bank, PayPal.HSBC,CITY BANK, ANZ bank.
Q11:To which places have you exported?
A: North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and so on. If you have other questions, please let us know. We will add the answer here for your further reference. thank you.

NOTE:We accept mixed orders in large quantities, and each oil seal kit can be wholesaled in large quantities, and we also accept small batches of various types of seal kit. Good quality and price concessions. Please contact us.


Q9:How do you contact us?

A:Can you call with us to discuss your questions when you have time? Please call :
+86 13802959131 whatsapp(wechat )Miss Deng
+86 13924029131 whatsapp(wechat )Miss Fion