Inadequate sealing during mechanical use is the main cause of oil leakage

June 27, 2020
Latest company news about Inadequate sealing during mechanical use is the main cause of oil leakage

In tunnel engineering, the use of Shield Machine Repair Kiit is not tightly sealed, which is the main cause of oil leakage. 

GUANGZHOU UP-SEAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD tells you that when the shaft is worn and formed into a groove shape, what is the reason why it cannot return to the sealed state even if a new shield machine repair kit is replaced? In fact, due to the decrease in the contact pressure between the lip of the repair kit of the shield machine and the shaft, the interference between the diameter of the rubber oil seal lip and the shaft diameter after installation is too small.

*Now taking the shield machine repair kit in the hydraulic machine system of the shield machine as an example, the main factors and measures for the analysis of its tightness are:
1. The quality of repair kit seals is poor, and high-quality and standard GUIQI oil seal seals can be selected;
2. Poor quality of shaft or bearing;
3. Improper use and maintenance, timely inspection, maintenance and repair;
Fourth, improper installation, should be coated with lubricating grease and polished shaft diameter surface is smooth, pay attention to lip installation to avoid flanging;
5. Improper storage and adverse impacts caused by environmental pollution should eliminate the fault and avoid serious damage to the seal during mechanical work.

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